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At Western Mass Allergy, we understand that allergies can disrupt everyday life, and that’s why we’re here. With more people being affected by allergies each year, we’ve stepped up to make sure no one’s left waiting for the specialist care they need.

We also know how important it is to feel connected to your healthcare providers. That’s why we’ve built a team that loves what they do. This means you and your family can get the treatment you need, not only effectively but also from people who genuinely care about making your lives better.


Western Mass Allergy seeks to provide the best possible Allergy and Immunology care to patients of all ages in Western Massachusetts. We aim to create a warm, caring, and comfortable environment where both patients and staff are respected, heard, and valued.


Western Mass Allergy will become the premier destination for regional Allergy and Immunology services. A place where kids feel safe, adults feel heard, and employees feel valued. We strive to be the kind of doctor’s office that people are comfortable visiting, knowing they are in good hands.

Company Values

Our goal at Western Mass Allergy is to provide the kind of care we would want for our own families. To achieve this, we adhere to four core principles: Compassion, Communication, Community, and Continual Improvement.


We understand that everyone who comes through our doors has their own needs, wants, and fears. We aim to treat each patient and staff member with the respect and compassion they deserve.


We’re committed to clear communication. Whether it’s between doctors and patients or management and staff, we’re making efforts to make sure everyone feels heard and understood.


We’re proud to be part of our local community. From quarterly service projects to company events, we aim to give back and create a sense of unity.


We believe in always striving to be better. Whether it’s refining our internal processes or staying up-to-date with the latest medical research, we’re committed to continual growth and improvement.

Our Care Team

David Robertson


Founder of Western Mass Allergy, Dr. Robertson is a distinguished medical professional whose expertise spans adult Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Allergy/Immunology. Residing in the area since 2005, his deep local roots inform his compassionate approach to care.

Under his leadership, Western Mass Allergy is committed to delivering exceptional care, embodying a profound understanding of patient needs, and contributing to healthier lives in the community.

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